Warranty for new airguns

All new Brocock air guns manufactured after 1st May 2014 are guaranteed against faulty parts and labour for a period of 2 years from date of purchase (proof of purchase required). After this period it is recommended that the rifle be returned to Brocock or its authorized agent for a scheduled service and subsequently every 3 years. Servicing is charged at current rates. The warranty applies to the first purchase of a new rifle and is not transferable to subsequent owners.

Please use the online form below to register your new Brocock airgun.

Warranty for serviced/repaired airguns

A warranty period of 6 months will apply to serviced guns and any parts repaired or replaced at the time of service, this warranty does not cover new faults that may subsequently arise.

Excluded From Warranty

Failure due to misuse or abuse, the fitting of non-standard parts, springs, seals, damage to stocks and fair wear and tear. Brocock Ltd or their approved agent must carry out all maintenance and warranty work. The rifle must be maintained and used as outlined in this Instruction Manual. Should a rifle be returned or collected under warranty, Brocock or its approved agent reserve the right to charge for postage & inspection costs.

Rifle Return Form

ALL Rifle returns to Brocock must be accompanied by a completed Rifle Return Form

Warranty Registration