Technical update announcement:

It has come to our attention that the fill pressure stated within the current owner manual supplied with all Brocock rifles could be interpreted incorrectly with what is an accidental print ambiguous reference to fill pressures that will be rectified with the next print run.

For clarity…
All current Brocock rifles (Compatto/Bantam) sub 12 FPE is a 200 BAR max fill, excluding Target (regulated) which is 240 BAR.
All FAC (Compatto/Bantam) is 240 BAR inclusive of Target (Regulated).

Top Tip: With the exception of Target (Regulated) generally all PCP non regulated rifles will benefit from a shorter fill pressure to ensure an initial sweet spot, by typically reducing max fill by 20 BAR or so. Chasing the sweet spot is not for many a worthwhile exercise, but if you feel the need to get technical, just type in ‘Air Rifle sweet spot’ into your favourite web search engine for further info.

Brocock Technical Department.

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