Technical update announcement:

It has come to our attention that the fill pressure stated within the current owner manual supplied with all Brocock rifles could be interpreted incorrectly with what is an accidental print ambiguous reference to fill pressures that will be rectified with the next print run.

For clarity…
All current Brocock rifles (Compatto/Bantam) sub 12 FPE is a 200 BAR max fill, excluding Target (regulated) which is 240 BAR.
All FAC (Compatto/Bantam) is 240 BAR inclusive of Target (Regulated).

Top Tip: With the exception of Target (Regulated) generally all PCP non regulated rifles will benefit from a shorter fill pressure to ensure an initial sweet spot, by typically reducing max fill by 20 BAR or so. Chasing the sweet spot is not for many a worthwhile exercise, but if you feel the need to get technical, just type in ‘Air Rifle sweet spot’ into your favourite web search engine for further info.

Brocock Technical Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Power statement for 12 foot pounds air rifles

In the UK unlicensed rifles must not be capable of producing power, with any projectile above the legal limit of 12 foot/pounds energy. The rifle has been calibrated* at the Brocock factory with sufficient safety margin to ensure compliance with currently available pellets. This rifle has been set up to a power level not under 11 and not exceeding 11.7 foot pounds energy using the recommended pellet as specified in the official handbook.

For any power related queries, please in the first instance contact the place of purchase for conformation of power.

*Calibration is carried out using 5 PVM chronographs, cross referenced with the Sable ballistics chronograph held at the Birmingham proof house.

To what pressure should I fill my rifle?

Brocock rifles and pistols are set to be filled to a maximum of 200bar (2900psi).

How many shots do I get when I fill my gun?

That depends on the model of gun you have, as well as the power and calibre. Please refer to the technical specification page for further information.

When I fill my gun air comes out of the barrel, should this happen?

Only if the gun is being filled from completely empty, if it is the gun must be cocked before filling. This will allow the valve to close because the hammer is no longer resting on it and allowing air to escape. It is best to refill the gun at about 100bar (1450psi).

All the air has just escaped out of the barrel. Why is this?

There are two possible reasons. 1. The gun has been used until the air pressure is so low that the valve opens and the rest of the air is released. This is not a fault, the gun just needs to be refilled as normal. 2. There is a problem inside the gun, maybe an “O” ring has failed so all the air has vented out. If this has happened the gun will need to be returned to us for a service.

Can I dry fire my gun?

Yes you can, but only if the bolt is closed. If you dry fire the gun with the breech open it is possible that the breech seal will be blown out of the barrel, this will affect the power and performance of the gun.

My breech seal needs replacing. How do I do this?

Take a breech seal and using a pair of long nose pliers squeeze the seal and insert into the breach of the barrel, release the seal and using a 2mm Allen key push the seal into the retaining groove cut onto the inside barrel wall. To align the seal fully insert a cleaning rod, without a brush attached, from the muzzle end of the barrel and push it through the barrel, this will locate and bed the seal in the groove.
The part numbers are,
Single shot guns .177 B2BSL1S177, .22 B2BSL1S22
Multi shot guns 177 B2BSL1M177, .22 B2BSL1M22

Can I upgrade my rifle to high power?

If you want a gun above 12 ft lbs you will need a firearms certificate in the UK, but yes most models can be upgraded to high power. Please contact us for more information, we will need to know the model, calibre and serial number of your gun.

How should I look after my rifle?

Making sure the action is cleaned and lightly oiled after use, particularly if the gun has been used in damp or wet conditions. To oil the action use a soft lint free cloth, spray a light gun oil onto the cloth and wipe the action completely, do not over oil your gun. If your gun gets wet, remove the stock, clean the whole action to make sure no water or dirt is trapped and allow it to dry out in a warm dry environment before replacing the stock. Try to keep the action as free of dust as possible. Only use a clean, high quality air supply to fill your gun, NEVER use any other gases as this could be extremely dangerous. Only use good quality ammunition designed for air rifles .

How often should I clean my barrel?

If it is not broken don’t fix it! Lead is a natural lubricate and is not corrosive so unless you notice the accuracy deteriorating it is best left. If you do decide to clean the barrel only use cleaning products designed specifically for air guns, which will not damage the barrel. DO NOT USE CLEANING PRODUCTS DESIGNED FOR LIVE FIRE RIFLES.

How often should I have my rifle serviced?

It will depend very much on how much and how often the gun is used. As a general rule it should be serviced by Brocock or an approved Brocock agent every three years.

Sometimes I can see the pellet in flight, is this normal?

This is not generally a problem. Because modern PCP rifles are almost recoilless, your head stays very still when shooting so in the right conditions you can sometimes see the pellet in flight for a second. This is normal. However, if you notice a severe drop in performance it would be best to get the action checked by a competent gunsmith.

My rifle does not sound powerful enough.

All Brocock PCP air rifles leave our factory performing to the required power level, there is no way to tell the power of a rifle by the sound it makes. If in doubt, have the power tested by a competent gunsmith.

How and where should I apply oil or grease to my rifle?

Using an oil impregnated lint free cloth wipe the oil over the action of the gun. Grease should be applied very sparingly and only on metal contact points such as sears. DO NOT apply oil or grease to the hammer, hammer spring and NEVER apply any form of oil in or around the charging valve. If oil or grease is applied to these areas it may affect the performance of your rifle and cause damage

What type of cleaning products should I Use?

We use and recommend Bisley and Napier products

Will filling my rifle above the recommended 200 bar charging pressure increase the power?

No, it will reduce the power for the first few shots and if you over fill the gun too much it may damage the valve which will require the gun to be returned to us for repair, this is misuse and will be a chargeable repair NOT covered by warranty.

How do I de-cock my rifle?

It is always better to discharge the rifle into soft ground or at some other safe target rather than de-cocking because you then know that there is not a pellet in the barrel. If you choose to de-cock your air gun, first remove the magazine to ensure you do not put a pellet into the breech, then you simply hold the lever or bolt back and squeeze the trigger. When the sears release you can slowly let the bolt move forward and close the breech. If you de-cock any gun be aware there may still be a pellet in the breech.

I have jammed pellets in my barrel. How can I get them out?

Beware, this is a potentially dangerous procedure because to remove pellets the bolt has to be pulled all the way back which means that the gun will be cocked, so we do not recommend you try this. The best course of action is to take the gun to a qualified gunsmith.